About Smart Career Planner

The planner covers 18 weeks, non-dated – so no wasted pages! EASY TO WORK WITH – Includes Weekly Task Planner, Daily Updates, and Weekly Review. Work well with Accountability Partner.


·      🏆 BUILD THE CAREER YOU’VE ALWAYS DESIRED – Smart Career  Planner will help you to figure out what you want in your career, create your career vision, define and breakdown your short and long-term goals, and incorporate them into each area of your work life.

·        📚 MORE THAN JUST A PLANNER- Easy-to-use career improvement workbook and planner. Packed with evidence-based career development strategies to any motivated aspirant with a career advancement needs.

·      🎯 STAY FOCUSED, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – Learn to prioritize using weekly priority planning sections to focus your work on your most important goals. Manage your time effectively and meet new people every day. Strive for continuous improvement by using the weekly reflection sections. The perfect productivity and time management planner for your career success!

·        🎭 IMPROVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE & BUILD NEW HABITS – Become your best self by setting and achieving goals in all of the important areas of your life, other than work. Bring more healthy habits & positive daily rituals into your life and stick to them by using the habit planner section of the smart  planner

·         💯 EXCLUSIVE ACCESS -Receive access to our Smart Career Mastermind Group and FREE downloadable PDFs and MORE! from smart career planner official website. 

Product Description

The Smart Career Planner is a step-by-step goal-setting approach for a career change. It is a curated collection of the best tools in career planning to help individuals achieve goals in a professional career.

What makes the Smart Career Planner unique?


The Smart Career Planner is more than just a planner – Easy-to-use career improvement workbook and goal-focused planner. Packed with evidence-based career development strategies to any motivated aspirant with a career advancement need, designed to confirm that your goals achieved with a steady process. The Smart Career Planner with your Accountability Partner will help you achieve your dream career.

How to Use the Smart Career Planner:

There are numerous things imperative to reach your goal. The first thing that you must do is prepare yourself, and for that, you must give Your time, efforts, and commitment.

  1. Understand Career Planning Outline
  2. Identify Accountability Partner
  3. Draw your Vision Board
  4. Self-expression by exploring who you are
  5. Define Your Personal Vision Statement
  6. Define Your Career Objective
  7. Find Your Unique Personal Sweet Spot
  8. Set your Career Goals – State long-term and short-term goals
  9. Review Personal Development Checklist
  10. Career Work/Life Balance Assessment
  11. Career Development Competencies Assessment
  12. Identify Top 5 core non-negotiable values in life
  13. Know your Career Choice
  14. Design Your Ideal Role
  15. My Targeted Career/Role Research
  16. Personal SWOT Analysis
  17. Design of a typical work week, repeatable for 18 weeks
  18. End of week review of actions and its reflection
  19. Career Strategy Assessment
  20. Program Yourself for Success

All these are essential for your success; Therefore, work hard every day, and your hard work, determination, and dedication will give you the desired result.