Smart Career Mastermind Group (SCMG)

What is Mastermind?

It’s a supportive environment to share your ideas, a way to connect to your peers and an opportunity to learn and grow in your field.

What You’ll Get

  • An open forum to talk about wins, fears, challenges and experience in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

  • A sense of shared endeavour – there are others out there!

  • Collaborative peer to peer learning and problem solving

Smart Career Mastermind Group (SCMG)

Getting to the top of your career is a challenge made easier by a strong peer network. A group of trusted colleagues, a Mastermind Group, can provide honest feedback, help refine your ideas, and share insights and leads. Based on the principles of Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich, a Mastermind Group can help face the challenges of a job search or the obstacles to step up in your career.

How can SCMG help you?

A group of professionals meet at least once a month to discuss individual challenges, problems and obstacles with members of the group to find solutions. The group members count on each other for input, advice and expertise. They share their network and close connections with each other.


SCMG acts as professional-to-professional coaching and mentoring, and it will undoubtedly help you reach your career goals, including landing that elusive job.

One study found that 70 percent of people who had accountability partners achieved their goals, compared to 35 percent of people who did not.

Mastermind Group will help you professionally handle any situation in your career. 

Joining a Mastermind Group is done with an exclusive member invitation or through an application process.

Here are the 7 Benefits of SCMG


You can lean on other members get advice and share your career insights.


External accountability is key, and SCMG offers that along with check-ins, updates and fine-tuning at every meeting.

Support System

Once you are a part of SCMG, your mastermind will keep you on track and always motivated towards your goals.


Identifying and partnering with a member to conduct a job search together is a lot more fun.

Continuous Learning

SCMG is a perfect place to learn skills, seek advice from others and teach others, too.

Sharing Connections

Members identify and introduce connections in their wider network that can help advance members’ career agendas. Your network will expand quickly and effortlessly.


Members will promote each other to employers and decision-makers in their network.

You spend most of your life engaged in your work. Therefore, invest in reaching out for a better job and advancing your career through SCMG.

Being in the right Mastermind Group accelerates your progress in business, your career or any other aspect of your life.

How it Works

The Format

It is a 6-month mastermind program with virtual meetings every month for 2 hours and access to a powerful community,

You will be placed in a group that is at a similar level of experience. Choose the track that’s best for you:

  • Aspiring Leaders

  • Executive

  • Tech Founders


The First Meeting

In the first meeting you will, get to know one another and the facilitators, then as a group, you will determine your biggest challenges and agree to a curriculum. This will include which topics you want to address at each of the next 5 meetings.


Each meeting will take place online via Zoom Conference.

Meeting Structure

Each meeting will be structured like a personalized workshop with an Industry Expert on a topic of your choosing. Depending on the topic there may be resources sent out in advance, or to take home.